How Flixnet For Me Works

Basically the idea of came from the frustration of two things about Netflix™

  • Their rating system is really bad and they always get it wrong.
  • Generally rating movies (in our opinion) is not an accurate way to rate movies, especially over a large general audiance.
  • Let us explain...

    Most rating systems work over a large general audience, they are not typically tailored to a more specific group of people that think like you do. We created our own system that tries to find patterns in your voting that matches you with others who think like you. When we find others who vote similar to you, we then calculate and custom tailor a list of "Recommendations" list of movies that you may like. This is were Flixnet For Me differs from the others.


    All we want to know is "Did you like the movie?" OR "Did you not like the movie?". If you did not see the movie or don't have an opinion about it, then don't vote at's that simple.

    How do Recommendations work?

    Once you have created an account and logged in, then the next step is to start voting movies. Thumbs up if you liked it, thumbs down if you didn't and don't do anything if you do not have an opinion about the movie. Once you have done that and given us some time (usually a few minutes) we will custom create a recommendation list based on how you voted along with data from thousands of other users who have voted like you and present you with a list of movies (recommendations) that you should see next.

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